How to Naturally Produce Collagen Discover the secret

Published: 19th March 2009
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Do you want to know how you can produce collagen naturally in your body? Who wouldn't want to, knowing the function of collagen in the body; collagen is a protein like substance found in the body tissue and its importance to the body can not be over emphasized.

Collagen provides structural support to the skin, muscles, tendons and bones. Collagen fibers are woven together to provide firmness, smoothness and resilience to the skin. As we advance in age, the collagen in our bodies decreases thereby causing our skin to lose its firmness.

There are several collagen remedies on the market claiming to restore or replace collagen in the body. These remedies include: collagen pills, collagen injections, collagen skin creams, and collagen powders.

The question is, do these remedies really work? The answer is no. For those who may not know, skin creams and powders containing collagen are not effective for the simple reason that the collagen molecules contained in these products are too big to penetrate the skin.

Collagen pills and injections do not work either, because replacing collagen or stopping collagen degradation is a complex biological process; it can only be done by providing the body/skin with the nutrients it needs to perform its function naturally.

While our bodies need natural collagen, what we can get from the above mentioned remedies are synthetic collagen; the keratin in most of them has been de-naturalized through the process of hudrolization( hydrolization involves the application of high temperature to animal by-products such as hooves, horns and feathers)

It has been proven that the only way depleted collagen can be restored or replaced is by using an ingredient that stimulates the natural production of collagen; one ingredient that does this is called Cynery TK. This is a unique bio active keratin derived from the wool of New Zealand sheep using the gentle method of sublization. Sublization makes it possible for the bio active polymers in Cynergy TK to remain fully available to the skin.

Cynergy TK is a functional keratin and functional keratin is similar to the protein found in the human body; thus it is the nutrient the body needs to perform its natural magic of collagen production.

Using skin cream that contains Cynergy TK is like rubbing "liquid skin' on your body; it penetrates your skin effortlessly, stimulates the production of collagen, and thereby firms up your skin.

Now that you know how to naturally produce collagen, I believe you wouldn't want to continue wasting your money on collagen remedies that do not work. What your natural human body needs is natural collagen protein and not de-naturalized or synthetic collagen protein.

If you were like me, you would want to use a skin cream that contains Cynergy TK in order to keep your skin firm; smooth and youthful (just like reversing an aging skin)

Caroline Igwe is an avid researcher on skin care and she likes sharing information on her research findings; for more information on how to achieve and maintain a healthy, smooth and youthful looking skin, visit her website:

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