How to firm up loose sagging skin

Published: 20th March 2009
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There are thousands of skin creams out there on the market claiming to help firm up sagging skin; but the question is, do these creams really do what they claim to do?

The truth is that even though these creams are quite expensive, most of them are not effective. The manufacturers of most of these products are just cashing in on the increase in demand for sagging skin remedies/creams.

They know that their products do not do what they claim, so they put these products in attractive packages; use beautiful models on their advertisements and pay famous celebrities to endorse their products. Of course the costs of all these marketing gimmicks are passed down to you- the consumer

You need to know that, when you pay that exorbitant price for that skin cream, you are not just paying for the value of the product; you are also paying for the beautiful advertisements and celebrity endorsements.

All the same, there are still companies who actually manufacture products that are effective in firming up sagging skin.

It is important to mention that sagging skin is caused when the collagen and elastic fibers in the skin lose their "glue". This happens when a harmful enzyme called hyaluronidase breaks down the hyaluronic acid in the skin (don't let those weird names put you off)

Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of the skin involved in tissue repair; it is not unusual then, that the breakdown of this component leads to total break down of the skin tissue which results in loose skin or sagging skin.

The most effective way to solve the problem of sagging skin is by stopping the activity of the harmful enzyme before it does any damage to the body.

Studies have shown that a special Japanese kelp called Phytessence Wakame blocks and counters the activities of this enzyme very effectively. Wakame is a powerful anti-oxidant held in high regard by the Japanese for its ability to keep the skin looking supple and youthful.

Collagen provides firmness to the body while elastin maintains the elasticity of the skin by helping it stay flexible; this means that without enough collagen and elastin, the body literarily "falls apart"

Therefore, another way to firm up loose sagging skin is by using skin care products that contain ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin naturally in the body; from research, I found that one of such ingredients is Cynergy TK. This is necessary because as we age, the amount of collagen and elastin produced by our bodies decreases and degrades.

Cynergy TK is a unique substance that promotes the growth of natural collagen and elastin thereby enhancing firmness and elasticity.

Other ways you can firm up sagging skin include exercising to tone up your body, good diet of green vegetables and fruits; and drinking at least eight glasses of purified water to detoxify your body.

Now you know the causes of sagging skin and how to firm it up, you do not need to buy any sagging skin cream you see on the market without making sure that it really contains the ingredients that will help firm up your loose sagging skin.

Buying skin care cream that contains Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame will help you achieve your goal of firming up your loose sagging skin.

Caroline Igwe is an avid researcher on skin care and she likes sharing information on her research findings; for more information on how to achieve and maintain a healthy, smooth and youthful looking skin, visit her website:

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